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Paypal Tracking Info Populator

Automatically Complete Paypal's #1 Best Practice

What We Do

This app automatically updates shipment information to your PayPal account, saving you time, reducing customer complaints and improving cash-flow.

PayPal Seller Protection

PayPal's Seller Protection program minimizes claims and chargebacks and helps prevent fraud. Adding tracking info is one of the requirements and protects you from disputes like Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received.

Less Customer Support

Customers often request refunds, file disputes or even chargebacks. By providing your customers valid tracking information through PayPal, they can keep tabs on their purchases and know when to expect delivery.

Lower Reserver, Faster Fund Release

When there’s a surge in sales or in disputes or chargebacks level, PayPal is holding your payments for up to 21 days in order to protect the buyers. By adding tracking info, you can access your funds right after delivery with supported carriers.

Key Features

We Support Any Carrier

We Support Any Fulfillment Tool


Simple Pricing

Easy billing through Shopify - No credit card or personal info required

14-Day Free Trial

Base Price of $15/month

  • - Unlimited Orders - Forever!
  • - Easy Installation
  • - Full Customer Support